Xalgorithms Alliance Worksite

This online project management worksite is operated by Xalgorithms Foundation for the Xalgorithms Alliance portfolio of projects.

The site can also be made available on an ad hoc basis for public interest projects supported by Xalgorithms Alliance members.

Full-featured online project management
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Scalable to workflow and pace of growth

Xalgorithms Alliance Worksite runs on the free/libre/open source OpenProject environment. Here is a link to the User Manual:

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1. Xalgorithms Alliance Projects:

Xalgorithms Foundation Management Migrated to OpenProject

Added by Joseph Potvin ago

During the past month, all project management under Xalgorithms Foundation has migrated to the OpenProject platform.
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Latest projects

  • Xalgorithms Documentation Management (2016-08-27 11:42 AM)

    This sub-project is for the creation and management of UML-oriented technical documentation about Xalgorithms controls and components.

  • XF Online Presence (2016-07-03 10:38 AM)

    This portfolio of projects is for meta-maintenance of all Xalgorithms online channels.

  • 1.1 Registry of Rules (2016-03-10 03:06 PM)

    The Xalgorithms Federated Registry of Rules is being created as a distributable, no-fee, table-structured reference catalogue.

    Each rule package in the registry includes its authoritative uniform resource identifier, a table-oriented expression of the rule, its ongoing version history, and its terms of use. This registry contains just the information required for each individual rule to be invoked. ...

  • Payment Configuration (2015-12-12 12:07 PM)
  • Trade Facilitation (2015-12-12 12:04 PM)