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The site can also be made available on an ad hoc basis for public interest projects supported by Xalgorithms Alliance members.

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  • 1. Xalgorithms Alliance Projects

    Intelligent Invoicing for e-Commerce

    Table of Contents

    Lichen Xalgorithms is currently being planned to specify and prototype a generic free/libre/open back-end solution to enhance any e-invoice with a rulesbase to enable platform-independent automation of externally-dependent functions (e.g. taxes, price benchmarking, etc.) in alignment with primary global standards in financial messaging (ISO 20022), e-commerce (ISO 15000), business documents (OASIS UBL) and assurance (ISAE 3402) Client-side choices in any Lichen-enabled e-commerce solution will generate a computed table of attributes for price and payment....

    • 1.1 Registry of Rules

      The Xalgorithms Federated Registry of Rules is being created as a distributable, no-fee, table-structured reference catalogue.

      Each rule package in the registry includes its authoritative uniform resource identifier, a table-oriented expression of the rule, its ongoing version history, and its terms of use. This registry contains just the information required for each individual rule to be invoked. ...

    • 1.2 Lichen
      Xalgorithms Alliance hosts two parallel streams of Lichen Xalgorithms components:
      • OpenLichen will be maintained under the Apache License 2.0 (AL) or later.
      • FreeLichen will be maintained under the General Public License 3.0 (GPL) or later.

      This dual licensing scheme for Lichen Xalgorithms puts forth the following scenario:...

      • Price Benchmarking

        Businesses involved in multi-year contracts in different economic zones typically hedge risk through various types of forward contracts, options and swaps. Essentially, the parties agree in the present about a mutually acceptable exhange rate in the future. When negotiating such agreements, the participants inevitably confront the need to make a prior judgement about what they believe would be a reasonable future scenario....

        • Commodity-Reserve Benchmark

          The project documents the contributions to commodity-reserve monetary theory of individuals such a W.Stanley Jevons, Alfred Marshall, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Graham, Frank Graham, Nicholas Kaldor, Jan Tinbergen, Friedrich Hayek and Albert Hart, and of major organizations such as in ancient and modern China, 17th century France, and ancient Peru, Egypt, and Rome....

        • Total Market Capitalization Benchmark
          Table of Contents

          R. Pringle's Ikon

          The Chairman and Founder of Central Banking Journal, Robert Pringle, has described a possible monetary reference unit of account as a constant fraction of the total of tradable equity claims on real assets in the global economy:...

    • Xalgorithms Documentation Management

      This sub-project is for the creation and management of UML-oriented technical documentation about Xalgorithms controls and components.

    • XF Online Presence

      This portfolio of projects is for meta-maintenance of all Xalgorithms online channels.

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