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    Xalgorithms Alliance hosts two parallel streams of Lichen Xalgorithms components:
    • OpenLichen will be maintained under the Apache License 2.0 (AL) or later.
    • FreeLichen will be maintained under the General Public License 3.0 (GPL) or later.
    This dual licensing scheme for Lichen Xalgorithms puts forth the following scenario:
    • Source code provided under the AL stream can be incorporated into other software and/or can be redistributed under any other license, including restricted source licenses, as well as ‘copyleft’ licenses such as the GPL.
    • Developers working on the GPL stream can directly use any source code that has been committed to the AL stream, and they may produce derivative works from it. But developers working on the AL stream cannot incorporate source code from the GPL stream unless the owner of copyright title to the source code under the GPL agrees to also license that particular programming code under the AL.
    • Developers working on the AL stream can put to use practical ideas and methods from the GPL stream, as long as those ideas are differently expressed through original source code.
    • Source code committed to the Lichen Project by the Xalgorithms Foundation itself will be licensed under either or both of those licenses, as the owner of copyright title prefers.

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    Manager/Gestionnaire: Don Kelly

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