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    Once you have registered for an account at Xalgorithms Alliance Worksite, you can request a worksite for your project. First click on "Join this project" link at the top right of your screen. Then under the Project Menu at the left, click on "New task". Use the form to supply in both English and French:

    1. Name of the project (max 50 characters)
    2. Summary description of the project

    In the "Description" field, please also provide:

    3. A short statement that YOU are authorized to share these project assets. (Participants can only submit content to this service that they have clear rights or authorizations to use and distribute under copyright law and licenses. Credits, sources and licenses of all third party reusable information must be identified.)
    4. Licensing details for project assets, or the terms under which they are shared.
    5. Do you want your project site to be seen publicly? (Y/N)
    6. Identify any particular services or assistance you require under the IRCan Initiative.
    7. Provide any links to additional information
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    Manager/Gestionnaire: Joseph Potvin

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