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    Xalgorithms Documentation

    This sub-project is for the creation and management of UML-oriented technical documentation about Xalgorithms controls and components.

    This documentation includes structured use cases, the functional software prototype (Lichen; Registry; Xalgo language) and the target deployment scenarios. The formal diagrams will be created and maintained using the Papyrus editing environment, and an Eclipse Git repository. The system's distributed revision control and source code management system is Github, located at:

    Transaction metadata iXalgorithms controls and components must conform with the Universal Business Language (UBL) Standard which is documented in UML.

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    Contributor/Contributeur: Charles Rivet; Don Kelly; Patrick Naubert; Patrick Naubert; Paul Elder; Samir Hussain; Simon Deziel; Simon Redding; William Olders ; Xelerance Support
    Manager/Gestionnaire: Joseph Potvin

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