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I'm trying (and failing) to recreate a concise summary of the IoR project I spoke aloud off-the-cuff yesterday and was quite proud of, but I didn't take the time to stop the conversation to write it down. I would use it in the future as an elevator pitch.

Please advise if I'm missing or misspeaking anything.

This is what I've got so far:

The InternetOfRules is a repository of authoritative transformations to be executed on the incomplete content of business documents. Based on specified business contexts, these changes reify the absent information not knowable to the document-creating user. Authorities populate the repository with declarative contextual algorithmic rules. Users submit their context-free documents to a rules-application service that leverages the appropriate rules from the repository to return a contextualized document ready for use.

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I think I recall your statement in the phone call was specific to how we're aiming to assist diverse stakeholders to express and maintain and review the semantic meaning of rules in tabular form.

Currently we have a general statement of what the IoR is at -- suggestions for improvement are welcome of course.

We have found it most convenient to use Etherpad pages for ad hoc co-drafting. Within our existing pages, a good place to put a fresh "Elevator pitch for IoR" would be in our planned presentation for the Digital Caucus, located here:
(Scroll down to "INSERT: Elevator pitch for an IoR" where I have inserted some working text, including yours.)

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